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About us

For more than 11 years her fabulous designs have been making thousands of brides happy, confident, and truly special on their wedding day.

Becominga Designer

She doesn’t remember her first design, but all this love for fascinating dresses is from childhood. The creation of bridal dresses is a family dynasty that has begun in the early 70s and has been passing down through generations. Everything has started from one top-of-the-line boutique and transformed into a powerful wedding company.

Katya loves every second of the work and her biggest inspiration is European modern fashion and trends that are dictated by this fashion. She adores the whole process of dresses creation. It starts from her beloved part — a process of drawing on a crystal white piece of paper. For the creation of one bridal gown, she makes more than 20 designs to get a perfect polished variant. Then, after visualization of all elements, she starts the process of creating the general concept of the collection. An ability to derive inspiration from work itself is Katya’s superpower.

Being a Designer of Three Different Brands

For Katya being a designer of three brands is about creativity, fashion, and balanced decisions. Working with three different concepts and positioning is an exciting, versatile, and unpredictable process. For Betta La Betta she creates minimalistic airy dresses with exquisite decor that are perfect for small ceremonies. The Victoria Soprano wedding gowns are created for brides that are fond of fairy tales. Those are classical dresses made of exquisite fabric, vividly decorated with fabulous crystals and beads. When it comes to Katerina Joice, she creates extraordinary and bold dresses for self-sufficient women.