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How to choose a suitable wedding dress?

The brides ask how to choose only one dress from the many collections, shops, and online catalogs. You want everything at the same time and you dream of being the queen of the day. A wedding is a special event that will be remembered for the rest of your life. Here you can see the tips on how to choose a perfect outfit.

1. Choose a comfortable outfit

Think about the day of your wedding, the whole ceremony, and remember the moves of the newlyweds’ first dance when you are trying on clothes at the shop. It is a good idea to move into the fitting room, for example, in the A-line or ball gown dress to get used to it. Many brides are choosing dresses that are extremely beautiful, exclusive, and creative, but not very comfortable. As a result, they regret the choice on day X, because it is not comfortable to go without the help of your bridesmaids or dance with the guests. And don’t forget to pay attention to the weather on the wedding day.

Someone is buying a dress of a smaller size hoping to get slim. It is not a good idea because you’ll have no idea of what it will look like on the day of buying. The best option is to choose a dress 3 or 4 months before the event.

Any inconveniences are spoiling the impression. You have to be confident that day and enjoy every second of the holiday.

2. Define the type of figure

The common mistake of brides is choosing a trendy design that is not suitable for their type of figure. The pursuit of fashion and a desire to have a dress similar to your friend’s outfit is acting not to your benefit. Think of the benefits of your figure, what you want to emphasize and what to hide. For example, a trumpet or mermaid dress is good for slim girls with the X type of figure. After that, you can choose the design. And don’t hesitate to ask for help from a professional stylist.

3. Make a choice according to a wedding style

Think of the concept of your wedding: royal, country style, big or small ceremony, etc. Choose a wedding dress according to the event style. Many shops classify dresses according to the wedding type. For example, “Victoria Soprano Group” has some divisions in collections:

  • The Betta La Betta collection is suitable for small weddings and ceremonies for the nearest people;
  • The Victoria Soprano is good for the bigger events in a fairy-tale style;
  • Katherine Joice is created for those who want to be creative.

4. Enjoy your image in the mirror

Every bride in a wedding dress should have the feeling of aesthetic pleasure when she’s looking in the mirror. Listen to your heart while choosing. Don’t buy the dress you don’t like. None of your friends or relatives should force you to buy something. It is your special day!

5. Buy a dress made with love

Choose the shop or showroom that takes care of quality. It chooses good fabrics, makes neat seams, and takes care of details. The brand you choose should put soul into its work.

Katya the designer of “Victoria Soprano Group” loves every moment of her work and thinks that her main task is to make thousands of brides happy. She has more than 11 years of experience. And here you can see the results!

Remember that you are worthy of the best!