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The silhouettes of wedding dresses

The silhouettes of wedding dresses - Victoria Soprano Group

The first thing your guests will pay attention to is a dress. You’ll feel confident and enjoy your look if the clothes are suitable for your figure. We’d like to mention that every woman’s body is beautiful and it is possible to find a trendy design for every type of dress. And here you can read more information about the silhouettes.


It is the most common and traditional type of dress that is suitable for every figure type. A-line emphasizes the waist and makes it higher. An accent on the breast is made too. A long skirt hides the figure’s flaws. It is comfortable to move on to the ceremony and dance in such a kind of dress. Examples of A-line dresses are “Adriana” and “Josefa” from “Victoria’s wishes”. These pieces of art were created for the young lady, who was dreaming to look like a princess on a wedding day. So the A-line dresses are able to create images like from the fairy tale.

Trumpet and mermaid

These kinds of dresses are suitable for tall and slim girls who want to make an accent on their hips. You can show all the benefits of your figure and emphasize its natural beauty.  The trumpet dress reminds the fishtail and mermaid – the vertical silhouette of a mermaid. The examples are “Rosa”, “Rubus” and “Magnolia” from the “Forest Fairies” collection.

Ball gown dress

If you are going to have a wedding in a royal or fairy-tale style, a ball gown dress will be suitable. Women with big hips and small shoulders will show their figure in the best way with the help of such a dress. But in general, they are suitable for every bride. The examples are “Kylie” from “Victoria’s wishes”, “Luna” from “Muze in Naples” and “Enternity” from “Eccentric Love”.

Column dress

This type of dress is suitable for small girls and makes them visually taller. An example could be “Betsy” from the “Betta la Betta” collection.

Tea Length

Not every bride finds long dresses comfortable. This type of dress makes an accent on the waist and breasts like an A-type but is shorter. Moreover, it is an opportunity to show beautiful legs.

We recommend you define the image of a bride you want and try on several variants. Look at the dresses of different silhouettes to find out what is the most beneficial for your figure. And “Victoria Soprano Group” is always ready to help you to make the right choice!