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Each dress created by Victoria Soprano Group is the result of the efforts of our outstanding team of designers, pattern makers, and tailors working at our main office. We place special emphasis on every detail, refining and testing them for months to achieve the perfect fit and design before releasing our dresses to brides and our sales partners. We carefully listen to feedback and intuitively adapt each design to meet the needs of our brides. This process, unique to Victoria Soprano , Katherine Joyce helps us stay ahead in the field of luxury wedding design.


1. **Wholesale Distributors:** We offer wholesale distributors a wide range of high-quality wedding dresses from Victoria Soprano Group at competitive wholesale prices. Our partners gain access to unique collections that are popular among brides worldwide.

2. **Bridal Salons:** For bridal salons, we offer a diverse selection of wedding dresses crafted by professional designers in line with the latest fashion trends. Our partners can trust in the high quality of our products and receive support at every stage of collaboration.

3. **Online Retailers:** We provide online retailers with the opportunity to expand their inventory by including exclusive wedding dresses from Victoria Soprano Group. Our partners gain access to professional product photos and descriptions, as well as advertising materials for effective product promotion in the online space.

We customize the payment options individually for the convenience of our clients. For more information about payment, please contact us at info@victoriasoprano.com

You can try on Victoria Soprano and Katherine Joyce dresses at authorized bridal boutiques and stores that carry these designers' collections. To find the nearest store, you can visit their official websites and use the store locator feature or contact them directly for a list of authorized retail sellers. our stores

Our manager will gladly send you a list of bestsellers, which is constantly updated. We also recommend choosing models and styles based on the most popular requests from your brides. Each region has its own characteristics based on cultural features. Be sure to take this into account to select the most successful and diverse assortment for your salon. After all, the successful sale of the brand's collection in your salon depends on it.

We have the size chart of Victoria Soprano Group corresponding to your size type (EU/US/UK). Next to each size, the corresponding measurements in centimeters are indicated. To place an order based on individual measurements, you need to fill out a special file that your manager will send you and specify the necessary differences from the standard sizes. If the changes concern the design, describe them in writing in as much detail as possible, and if they are significant, please send us a sketch or a photo of our dress with the necessary design modifications.

VICTORIA SOPRANO GROUP is not responsible for paying customs duties at the destination point. Please contact local authorities or a customs broker for additional information on paying additional customs duties or VAT.
Your manager will provide you with options for all possible shipping methods to your country, so you can choose the most advantageous one for you. (There is a separate document with all shipping methods available for this purpose).

Production of the dress typically takes from 5 to 8 weeks. However, this timeframe may vary depending on the manufacturer, dress model, design complexity, and the possible availability of the finished product in stock. It is recommended to plan your order in advance, especially if you have a specific wedding date.

If you are in a hurry and need the dress sooner than the specified production time, please contact your manager to reach out to our production team to see if the dress can be made in a shorter time frame.

Delivery usually takes 10-15 business days in Europe, and 10-20 business days for the rest of the world.

Our manager will individually select a convenient delivery method for you.

We typically hold one or two sample sales per year. We recommend contacting our sales department to be the first to know about our next sale!

The minimum quantity of dresses in the amount of 5 units is optimal for presenting the brands Victoria Soprano and Katherine Joyce among the salon's assortment. This is exactly the number that can accommodate a variety of silhouettes and price ranges for different clients. It allows us to clearly understand that your salon has a sufficient quantity of our dresses, and we can satisfy every bride who leaves a request on our website or calls your salon, knowing that she will find her dream dress with you. This is also a key indicator of territory protection for you; otherwise, the company remains open to partnership in your region.

Our main goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality in every aspect of our production. Each dress undergoes meticulous quality checks at every stage of production, conducted by experienced specialists. We pay special attention to using only the finest materials to ensure the durability and luxury of each dress. Our high standards of craftsmanship adhere to the strictest requirements of the fashion industry, ensuring impeccable quality in every final product. Our teams work diligently to avoid any errors before we deliver the dress to our customers. Our commitment to quality and elegance is what sets us apart, and we take pride in being able to provide the best products for our discerning customers.

Please contact info@victoriasoprano.com or via WhatsApp and we will send you specific guidelines how to order your Dream Dress